steganography (noun)

The practice of concealing messages or information within other nonsecret text or data. Derived from the Greek word “Stego” which means “covered” and “Graphia” which means writing.

Counterfeit products are flooding the market causing consumer confusion and billions of dollars of lost profits every year. StegVision has developed a breakthrough technology, making it easier and more cost-effective for brands to implement and combat fake products. Using our proprietary technology, an invisible signature is encoded on existing brand marketing giving each item a unique identifier. Once encoded our system is able to provide immediate authentication from any mobile phone around the globe. Brand owners have access to a custom dashboard providing valuable information in real-time. Stegvision Technology features robust consumer engagement capabilities which open new marketing opportunities. An unintrusive onboarding process and an intuitive process make Stegvision a leader in the industry.


What sets



  • Stealth Technology
  • Global Coverage
  • Use Existing Vendors
  • Use With Most Mediums
  • Minimal Cost
  • Only Requires Mobile Phone
  • No Visual Changes
  • White Label Opportunity
  • Consumer Engagement
  • No QR Codes *

*FBI Warning

Brand Marketing

Stegfi Encoding

Use Current Vendors

Global Authentication

Real-Time Reporting

Consumer Engagement

How It Works