Using our proprietary technology which incorporates Ai and computer learning, a unique undetectable code is embedded within the packaging or labeling. The image can be authenticated with a cell phone using StegVision technology.

By taking a picture of the encoded label, Stegvision technology is able to identify if a product is authentic or counterfeit.


Once a product is authenticated, brands have the ability to serve content to their customers. Sign up pages, videos, and product content are a few examples, the possibilities are endless.

Companies are responsible for their own content and the appropriate compliance within their own industries.


StegVision uses proprietary technology and does not depend on a third party applications such as QR codes which are easy to hack.

Yes, once StegVision provides the encoding, any vendor can be used as long as they work within the quality control standards provided by STegVision

QR Codes are easy to hack making consumers and companies vulnerable, the FBI recently published a warning about the danger to consumers and brands.
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The cost is pennies and is not cost-prohibitive.

Our white-label program allows brands to integrate StegVision technology into their existing website or app. Our API allows the easy transfer of data.