About us

Brand integrity is a cornerstone for all brands. With QR codes and holographs becoming obsolete, and the alarming rate of counterfeit products flooding the market, our customers asked for a solution. After years of innovation, we developed a proprietary state-of-the-art technology. The Stegvision platform requires no change from existing vendors and can be implemented at minimal costs. The technology incorporates a combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, and steganography to create unique invisible identifiers. Using a cell phone, the unique identifiers can be authenticated from anywhere in the world. Retailers, investigators, and merchandisers will now be able to instantly verify authenticity. With access to a real-time dashboard, management will be able to receive information faster than ever before. Stegvision has incorporated a powerful customer experience within the platform. It is easily customizable allowing brands to communicate with customers in ways that have never been imagined. In the age of digital marketing, having a new line of communication with your customer is invaluable. Protect, engage, and experience are all part of the Stegvision experience. Contact us and find out how we can become an invaluable partner.